Our showroom is located at 230 Fifth Avenue Suite # 915 Manhattan, NY 10001 and encompasses our management, sales, in-house design, production development, e-commerce, and administration teams.

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Our showroom, located at our headquarters, has bed set-ups that feature national brands such as Kathy Ireland, US Army, as well as our private labels.

We have complete variety of our stocked products like bedsheet, bed rug, towels , Comforter sets, Duvet covers and pillows.

These numerous and varied ensembles, featuring distinctive design and techniques, help to demonstrate the magnitude of our design, production, and manufacturing capabilities.


Our showroom is open for appointments only due to COVID.


To circumvent this inconvenience, we have created a Created business inquiry form of our showroom meeting so that visitors can still "visit" whenever and wherever they wish.


To visit our showroom and view our products, please send us the business inquiry by using its icon at the top of the page and we will make sure you will have the call or email reply within 24 to 48 hours.

If it is urgent inquiry of our any product lines, please don't hesitate to call us at our provided contact numbers. We will happy to assist you and make sure you will have all your inquiry replies with our fully equipped customer service center.



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